iTunes Gift Card - Quite Possibly the Perfect Pressie

Just got my first Amex statement.
I’m embarrassed about the wee $0.99 charges that litter the bill like puppy footprints on a clean floor.
There isn’t many, less than 10. But there’s got to be a better way. I wish I could set up iTunes so that I could put a “Buy Julie a Song” link on facebook, or - Imagine how neat that would be?
Heck - you can’t even buy a coffee for $0.99.  But you could sure put a smile on someones face for a LONG time, if you bought them a song.

Hmmmm - buying a smile for a song(tm). I like that.

The only feature that comes close to what I want is the iTunes Allowance. But get this - when I try to set up an allowance, it doesn’t let me - you can’t set an allowance for yourself. Cripes!!! I’m stuck with puppy prints of iTunes song purchases on my Amex statement forever. I wonder if I can buy myself a gift card. Likely not. Grrr.


You can only set up allowances for other people. But it still doesn’t let me get other people to contribute ;-) Heh. Still - I’d love to purchase songs for other like-minded people - this doesn’t have to be a one way street :-)

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