HOLY CATS! iPod Anticipation!

I've got it bad.

iPod Anticipation. But thanks to Iotum's Free Conference Call Application on Facebook, I'm going to be set up nicely!  I WON!!!!

It was karma.  I was looking for a reason to try out Free Conference Calls - and voila! Impetus, fate, incentive - you name it, the bells all rang a few weeks ago. I set up a conference call with my boss! On Facebook! Nothing like testing and playing with technology. I'm fairly certain it's in my job description. :-) Fairly.

 Alec Saunders has more of the details - it's impolite for a gurl to toot her own horn too much. :-) What can I say - the Free Conference Call Application completely rocked my socks off. Thank you Alec!!!!!