Where Were You in 1992?

I was up to my eyebrows in usenet, willingly going to the library at the U of G early to get caught up on emails, and skipping classes to create my own world in a MUD (multi-user dimension).  It was awesome. It was pre-windows.  It was the raw internet that no one knew about.  It was in a time when a PC was out of the financial realm of most folks…

Alec Saunders points out that the new “Say Everything” generation is really just a cyclical arc, that the tools and activities that youth today are involved in are really just updated tools from the ‘90’s.  He has *so* hit the nail on the head. It’s not new. 

In 1992, I had a Lynx created web page. And wow, it had most of the details that my site does now about me, perhaps even more. And chat!?!? Spending hours in a MUD does tend to make you pale, but I’ve created friendships that still exist to this day. And no, I’m only a pseudo-geek.

I too read The New York Times article on the Say Everything Generation….. It’s not a phenomenon, it’s not particulary avante garde or cuttingedge.  It’s finally the rest of the world getting caught up with whatwe were initially doing 15 years ago.  How embarassing would that befor one of the 15 year old Facebook groupies, thinking they are new andwild and unique? ;-) Heh.

The “Say Everything Generation”? Old hat… — Alec Saunders .LOG

The ”Say Everything” generation is a 20 year arc, finally reaching its peak. It didn’t start yesterday.

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