Friday Rant: Bell Increases My Expressvu Bill

What a lovely surprise in my mailbox.  A thank you letter from Bell, expressing their gratitde for my patronage in one paragraph, and in the second paragraph, explaining how they are increasing my expressvu TV service by $4 a month.  No ifs, ands or buts. Not even a really good reason why. Just the increase.

Funny, I've signed up for a 2 year contract. Shouldn't that mean something? They won't let me out of the contract for 2 years, yet they can increase pricing whenever they want?  What's the sense of the contract then?  Does it mean anything for the consumer? Apparently not. It's beginning to seem that contracts only provide the carrier, and not the consumer with a sense of security. Where's the logic?  If they wat to increase fees... no problem.  But there should be a month to month plan then consumers can deal with the increases as an opportunity cost for not locking in.

'm counting dow until my plan expires. August 2008. Look out. In fact, I may consider the opportunity cost to switch earlier. You  know full well that there will be termination penalties associated with such a brazen move. Who knows - it may be worth it?

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