The Ill-timed Automated Sat Survey

It’s been a hard day today.
I mean, it started out ok, coffee, good weather - gorilla on driveway (see below posting).

It was 7:30 am - I was ready to go. Booted the trusty work DELL, triggered the VPN - trigger, trigger, trigger…. Nothing. I connected to Vancouver. Nothing. I connected to Calgary. Nothing.  But this point, I’m a little exhaused from my cross country jaunts, and a little tense about all the work I need to do today.

Helpdesk - I’ve got to call the helpdesk. The standard reboot won’t do today. This isn’t one of those days where I can futz around with the settings in hopes of coming across the fix myself. Helpdesk will know what to do.  I call, I press the appropriate buttons to get to the correct queue. I wait.  I take another conference call on my cell phone.  I wait more… 3 hours later, an exhausted helpdesker apologizes, acknowledges that there’s a widespread problem, but there’s no eta on the repair. I resort to the Blackberry and gmail to try and get things done.
And now…. the punchline: An automated message from the helpdesk just hit my berry inbox - asking me to fill out a sort satisfaction survey. Hmmmm…. My VPN is still down.  How satisified should i be? And how can I answer this email, without my VPN working? Shrug.

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