Participatory Consumerism

Almost daily I'm encountering situations that are blog worthy - if only from a "consumer - give some feedback or warn others" kind of way.  Whether it's the jerk sales guy at a vw dealership who (shall remain nameless) completely insulted me when I told him I'd just gotten a Toyota Matrix instead of another Jetta, to the amazing service at a local restaurant.

There are quite a few "local" participatory consumerism websites, alas, very few of them are related to Canada.  Techcrunch has just highlighted streetadvisor, but that's still not Canadian specific.  Linked In has another add-on for references and feedback in your area, but still, that's not highly visible to the publc at large....

The last thing I want to do is invest time in an application that no one else is using to get/give consumer feedback.  Maybe that's the reason why no single application has really taken off?

Mark: is there anything Canadian on its way that resembles what I'm looking for?

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