IP-PBXes, Soft Switches, SBCs... Oh My!

I'm back on the trail of the illusive VoIP Network - deciphering components and applications and interoperability. It's 7:55 pm and one eye is becoming twitchy from all the diagrams and scaleability issues and white papers and nonsense I've read through in the past 3 hours.

I've been everywhere.
Except for VoIP Nirvana; I don't think that place exists.
Cisco, Avaya, Nortel, Asterisk, UTStarcom, Siemens. Oh la la, it's too much right now ;-)
I'm more advanced than this
I'm not convinced that the IEC documents are still current.
The VoIP User Forum was reasonable.

I miss the good old days of just fixing someone's DNS and walking away happy ;-)

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