A Geeky Vegas Thing...

On one of our adventures in Vegas, we meandered through the Caesar's Palace Forum - a beautiful mall of uber-high end shops; the kind a good, canadian girl dreams about while flipping through cosmo as a kid.  Of course, we stumbled upon the Sony Store. :-)
As I explain the merits and challenges of BluRay to the wiz, my eye catches the Sony Vaio UX.... Aha!  What have we here, a wee handheld. I was in love, and immediately sat down to play. Aside from the tiny screen resolution, it was beautiful. Bluetooth, wifi, vista, office 2007. It had a lovely rollup/out flat keyboard. If it had cell phone capability, this little beast would have knocked my socks off, had i been wearing any. Alas, for $2600 CDN.... I will stick with my berry/laptop combo for now, and dream.

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