New and Creepy Linked-In Feature

For various reasons, Facebook promises not to tell you who is looking at your profile, and conversely, who's profile *you* are looking at.
I can see the pros and cons of that, and the protective bubble around you if you are *stalking* someone ;-)

Yesterday I logged into my LinkedIn account to accept a few invitiations, and on the right hand side of the screen - POW! "Who has viewed my profile?Your profile has been viewed by 13 people in the last 1 month. See who's reviewed your LinkedIn Profile".

Aiee!!!!! And so I did what everyone would do - I clicked the link. I could only see the most recent 5 folks (if you upgrade, you can see all of them). I could see their job title and the company they worked for. It's funny - in 4 of the 5 visitors, I could tell who they were, simply by their title and the company they worked for.  And incase you wanted to narrow it down a little, you could do a quick search on title and company, and get the actual names of the likely candidates.

I can see the value of this cyber sleuthing - but geeze, it's a little odd.

Thoughts?  Am I being paranoid?

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