Does Advertising Right

I slid into this morning to check out the reviews of Michael Moore’s new film, Sicko. It premiered at Cannes this week. As an aside, I am a full-on, card carrying Michael Moore fan.  Sicko is about the insanity that is the American Health Care System.

Back to the story… gave me the first few paragraphs of the review, and if I wanted to read more, I just had to watch a quick snippet of video from their advertisers.  Normally, with newspaper/journal/magazine type stories, you can read a few paragraphs, and if you want more, you’ve got to subscribe/pay/donate offspring to get to the goods of the story.  Not so with It was awesome.  I actually watched the ad - it was Robert Redford talking about environmental bits.

Why don’t more content based sites do this?  Holy cow - captive audience, easy to do, and certainly easy for the audience.  Too  many times I’ve been turned away in frustration over having to jump through 7 hoops to get to the article I wanted to read. One of the worst offenders? ITWorldCanada. No kidding.

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