Walmart Canada Online Presence

I stumbled onto the Walmart Canada site through Redflag Deals,
who was listed on Maple Leaf 2.0. The first thing I check out on sites like this is if they’ve got a wee shopping cart icon. In my excitement, I confused a *shopping list* icon with a cart ;-(

My first thought was… “holy cats, don’t get too excited, there’s no way Walmart could have an online store and me not know about it”… and sure enough - it wasn’t a store, just a huge “flier” disguised as a store. I can make a *shopping list*… yippee.

I like the product at Walmart.
I can NEVER go to Walmart. Hence - no spend from Jules.
The crowds, the incessant wait in line because they’ve only got 2 cash registers going, the silly people in the store stopping in the middle of the aisles. It’s an exercise in frustration. I am happy to pay more at other stores, simply to not have to deal with the pain and the wait.

I bet I’m not the only one who avoids Walmart like the plague, just for those reasons alone.

With the uber-sophisticated supply chain, warehousing and impressive IT groups, you would think that opening a true online store would be the next logical step for Walmart - and they could capture the potential customers who can’t/won’t go into their brick and mortar stores. Alas. Not yet. Here’s to hoping.

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