Writer's Slump - Writer's Cramp?

It's not really a block, per se. It's more of a slump. A lull.  A bit of a quiet period. In a life where quiet periods are fought for with rigour, having one when you actually *want* to do something is a little ironic, don't you think?

I could be writing about the upcoming Canadian Telecom Summit; where all the cool kids are going to be next week, or the upcoming NXT Comm Tradeshow in Chicago, or how I missed MESH '07 because I was *this far* from contract signing.

I could be exploring the differences between E*Trade and TD's On-line Trading Application. I could be bonding with Last.fm, since it looks like it's going to be the last player standing for streaming music.

I could be figuring out if Joost is really all that and a bag of chips.

Pfft. No time. Real life doesn't have a slump in it - if anything - it's busier than ever.

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