Bringing Customers Closer to the Source

The phenomenon of blogging, and to use the over-used term of web 2.0, has had the magical ability of bringing customer and service provider more intimately linked together than ever before.  I'm consistently amazed and impressed when I write about a service, a product or an organization, and the said entity contacts me directly with feedback.  Amazing feedback.

10 years ago consumer feedback occurred in a vacuum. Now, with participatory consumerism, you can be as close as one click to the consumer, and vice versa.

Case in point, my recent article on resulted in a personal email from their product team, and a huge smile on my face.  The fact that they are paying attention to the internet,and actually participating in the conversation is just one indication of how we are advancing in a consumer based society.

Thank you for the smile, folks!! You are certainly not the standard model of a drugstore! :-) I hope more service providers take notice, and begin the conversation as well!