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Electronics Ban in Ontario Cars

Oh no.  I was afraid of something like this. 

How do you really enforce a ban on using a cell, or a berry or an iPod?  Ack.  This is just nutty.  Why not curb the bad driving behavior that results from being distracted?  Dumb slow person in the fact lane because they are on the phone - charge them for being a dumb slow person in the fast lane.  Not for using a cell phone.

Mom rear-ends someone at a light because she’s yelling at 1 of 3 toddlers in the back of her not-so-mini van? Charge her for rear ending someone, not for beng distracted by the kids.  Kids are likely more distracting than electronic devices.  And when you are frustated with them it’s not like you can toss them onto the floor mat of the passenger seat ;-) 

Are they going to ban kids in cars next?  (say, that might not be such a loony idea)

Liberal government at Queen’s Park will be introducing a long sought bill to ban not only cell phone use behind the wheel in Ontario, but all electronic distractions in your car.The bill will be introduced at 1:45pm next Tuesday.

CityNews: CityNews Exclusive: Ontario To Ban ‘Distracting’ Electronic Devices In Cars

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