Service Credit Union Phishing Scam

Wow! It’s an auspicious sort of day. Aside from having the first killer cold of the season, I also just became a target of a phishing scam ;-)

The illustrious folks from the Service Credit Union just sent me an interesting email.

Service Credit Union Phishing ScamAside from the fact that I’ve never heard of the Service Credit Union, and I’m not a customer, it’s a bang on phishing scam.  Presumably, had I been a customer, I’d have clicked on the link, generously provided, but masking the TRUE destination of, and then dumped in a whole bunch of banking information.


I feel special.

The plot thinkens. is registered to:


Agricultural Bank of China Wuxi Branch (WXJS6-DOM)
Agricultural Bank of China Wuxi Branch (WXJS6-DOM)
No.55 Jiefang(N) Rd.
WUXI, JS 214002