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Everyone aspires to good conversations. They can lead you to adventures you’ve never imagined, and to people you can twig with.

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McCain vs Obama: Choice 2008

Last night I invested 2 hours in watching PBS' Frontline, which outlined the lives of John McCain and Barak Obama. I was fully expecting a politically charged program, heavily charged either in one direction or the other.

Instead, I was treated to a fantastic expose on both these mens' lives, and the roads they traveled to get to where they are now - at the front of what could be the most charged election in US history.

No mention of who said what, who voted which way, who did this to that. It was an outstanding display of the lives of these guys. The conviction and integrity of both. The challenges they had to face, and the planning and strategy they both needed to deploy to achieve their goals. When you distill all the political crap that these men are wrapped up in, and simply judge them by the lives they've led up to this point, they are BOTH incredible people. I'm heading out to buy their biographies this weekend.

McCain doesn't like George W Bush. Full Stop. He hated the way the US went into the various wars over the past 7 years, but when he realized the only way out was to commit further, he stood by that decision.

Obama had to cut ties to his minister over racist rhetoric.
He's likely one of the smartest people in the government, and he's followed a plan for his entire life. He doesn't use his power to further any personal agendas that might be thrust upon him.

I was expecting the program to fully defend my belief that Obama was the best choice for America. It did to a certain extent, but it also showed that McCain is also a very plausible option.

If you do nothing else today, check out this PBS special. (Or you can download if for free from iTunes!!

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