All I Wanted Was Animal Planet

It was was of those routine things to do: add a channel to my Bell TV Package... certainly not brain surgery.
Last night I invested over 2 hours trying to use Bell's "my bell" service to add The Animal Planet to our account. (Side Note: Starting today, Animal Planet is running a 7 episode mini-series on Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd)

Easy, right?
Ahem. No.

Easy enough to log into mybell, pretty obvious to navigate to the area where you *should* be able to add additional channels, and then all hell breaks lose. The web application coughs, chokes and explodes.

Last night, there were page load delays, painful error messages and timeouts. I tried Flock, Firefox and Internet Exploder. None of the browsers worked.  I chalked it up to a bad night on the server farm.

This morning, i thought the dawning of a new day would bring better results. After all, Whale Wars doesn't start for another 12 hours....I've still got time.

And...... no. The self serve application woefully fails again.
At least the delays are improved when it tells me the service experienced an error.

So much for self serve.
Bell, you are headed down the right track, but if you want people to help themselves, please help your tools.

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