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SMS Dying in Canada?

A neat article about the future of SMS in Canada has got me thinking. Twitter is changing their service model for SMS messages to Canadians because of the *pricing* that carriers are charging for delivery of those wee bits of bytes.

Hmm..... Considering that inbound SMS messages are charged to the user now, I'm finding it tricky to understand where the additional costs that Twitter is complaining about are coming from.... unless there are a gazillion twitter updates being pushed to a gazillion phones in Canada. Of course, there would be a charge to twitter for putting the messages into the network, but the bulk of the cost of delivery should now be paid by the user.

I wonder if originally it was free for twitter to dump SMS messages into a wireless network? Or it was cheap because there were few Canadians interested in twitter?  Here is a great example of twitter being able to actually build a revenue stream, but oh no.... it's gotta be free. :-(

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