The Big Wind-Down

Police in the Philippines use water cannon to break up a protest in the capital, Manila, against politically-motivated killings.

… it’s that time of the year. When, in theory, there are only a handful of days of paying attention to work. A handful of assignments and projects to tidy up before a few well deserved weeks of relaxation christmas chaos. This year, it *is* going to be more relax, less chaos.

Sure. I say that every year. Already I know I’m a liar. I’ve got 5 days to get my ducks in a row. 5 days to finalize shopping for the Wiz, the dad and maybe a kid or 2.

5 days to figure out one of the hardest problems at work I’ve ever come across. Whew. Maybe we could push christmas back until the end of January? I’ll be in better shape by then.