General Motors Twitters Back.....

I'm not sure how I feel about this.
Krystyn Heide blogs about how GM has decided to halt the construction of a new plant in Flint that would produce GM's new Volt. Blog is picked up in Twitter. GM responds via Twitter to retract the statement...

"just because they aren't going to build the plant, doesn't mean the Volt is not going to be produced." (right, elves under the bridge in Detroit will cobble the Volt together).

Is it odd that GM is battling back via Twitter?
Is it an innovative marketing tactic?
A waste of time?

Perhaps it's the fact that GM is trying to do damage control via Twitter?
At this point in time, is it worth the effort?

On a lighter side (I've always got a lighter side), it's refreshing that dinosaurs are getting plugged into social media.