CRIPES-------Rogers buys Aurora Cable TV

Cripes!!! I was shocked to read this morning about the purchase of Aurora Cable by Rogers.... I knew it was only a matter of time, once I saw the Rogers Digital bundles showing up at the Newmarket Best Buy over the holidays.The Aurora Cable folks claim that they are going out on top - and that Rogers had started to encroach on their territory, and it's likely true. But still. I love Aurora Cable. I love their internet, I miss their cable service (I have 5 months left on a satellite dish from Hell, and was counting the days to switch back to ACI)......What's most interesting about this article in the Post is the repetitive statements of *Silence on the Cogeco Front*..... For some reason, I would have thought that Mountain Cable would be a better fit for Rogers.... perhaps Cogeco has more synergies with Rogers than Mountain does? Imagine the complications in melding all their digital phone services...... ;-)Rogers buys Aurora Cable TV

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