Microsoft and Yahoo - What Happens to Flickr?

I was perusing the news stories this morning, and it dawned on me [albeit later than it should have, since I've been laid up with the flu all weekend] - what's going to happen to Flickr?

I've dodged the Yahoo empire for nigh 7 years - up until they acquired Flickr, and I had to bite the bullet and migrate my Flickr account to a *yahoo* account to keep my photos moving smoothly. And it was smooth - Yahoo was smart enough to not change a single thing, and to keep the development initiatives of the Flickr application moving forward.

Now, with Microsoft buying Yahoo, do I need to keep adding new accounts? What could Microsoft do to my photos? For some reason, having Microsoft in charge of my photos makes me feel a little creeped out.

Dare I take the plunge and move everything to Google's Picasa Web Albums? They aren't nearly as cool as Flickr. But they also aren't Microsoft. Aie, the devil's in the details.

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