Facebook: People You May Know

Over the weekend I ran across a nifty new facebook feature: People You May Know.
It presents friend recommendations to you, based on the number of friends you and the recommendation have in common. Now there's no more need to troll through all your friends' friends lists ;-)

This could have been handy about 11 months ago ;-)
Although - there is a flip side to this - if, perchance, you are picky with who you are accepting as friends (and I say this only because friend filtering is starting to set in....)it's oddly creepy that folks can see who you are friends with.

That being said - I'm there is also a setting that you can tweak in the privcay settings that will keep you out of those friend referral recommendations. It's the ability for friends of friends to be able to see you.... ;-) If you set it to Only Friends, you will be placed in stealth mode.

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