The Making of The Perfect Storm - Toronto Public Riots

Gas prices top $1.20/litre this morning.
Monday will see a TTC strike.

Could Tuesday erupt in city wide riots and revolts?
Could the people take to the streets en mass, in a wave of frustration and anger towards both government and the oil industry?

Are we too polite as Canadians, and will we just remain behind closed doors, writing insipid blog posts pontificating on the options.

Why are Canadian's paying $1.20 when there are LOADS of oil reserves in Alberta. Why are we paying $1.20 with the plethora of oil sitting in Newfoundland? Why is gas cheaper in Buffalo right now than it is in Toronto? Why is Canada being handcuffed by foreign multinational oil companies?

Forget about it. What do I know?
I'm going to work from home on Monday.

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