A Psychosomatic Recession?

You can't turn on a TV or radio in Canada without being pummeled with messages about an imminent recession. Pundits, politicians and media are all tightly ensconced on the bandwagon. It's coming: gas prices, housing slumps, interest rates and inflation. How could a recession *not* be on the horizon.

How about this: could the mere fact that every is talking and thinking about a recession be one of the main reasons that we experience a recession? People listen to the news, become wary, put off purchases, save money under their mattress, decide not to go on that vacation to Niagara Falls this summer, decide that they can get another year out of their '97 minivan? Corporations get wary because the folks making financial decisions are *also* normal people watching the news, so they are deciding to postpone projects, postpone filling that open head count because *a recession is coming, better be frugal right now*.

Are we experiencing a psychosomatic recession? Thinking that it's so just might make it so.

On the upside, Ontario is now Raccoon Rabies Free.

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