8 Weeks to a Greener Planet: Week 2

You know them: the wimpy “wanna-be” plastic bags that litter the bottom of your refrigerator crisper drawer. Those bags that protect your “fruits and veggies” from the regular grocery cooties. Grocery stores like them, they make the checkout process easier. There’s no chasing of grapes, no parsley shrapnel, no leaking of *just misted* celery. Those wimpy wanna be bags. You can’t even re-use them effectively for lunch bags or poop bags. Who needs them?

You need a fresh fruit and veggie bin, the perfect accessory to the green grocery bags that you’ve undoubtedly purchased over the past few months. I’m boycotting the wanna-be bags from here on in. The hard part - convincing Grocery Gateway to cut out the plastic. They’ve got a habit of bagging every darn thing. Stay tuned on my progress. Technorati Tags: ,