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Radio Interference and Blackberries

This is always something I’ve questioned: why do GSM Blackberries cause radio/speaker interference? You know what I mean, you’ve got your berry too close to the radio, or to any speaker, and every once in a while (likely when the Berry is checking with the cell tower) you get the worst feedback/clicking/irritation. It can happen at home, in the car, on a conference call. Once it even happened to me when I was in a hockey arena, and sitting too close to the timekeeper box.

Wow - did I get the big heck that time ;-) Still, what to GSM berries do that CDMA berries don’t?My TELUS Berry Pearl is polite and quiet. It’s the Rogers Berry Pearl (belonging to The Wiz) who’s troublesome and chatty.I’m forever locking it in the bathroom to keep it from interfering with every other sound device in the house.:-)

According to this smart fellow, Al Sacco, it’s because CDMA phones are using less RF frequencies than the GSM phones. 

….some phones cause more buzzing than others is related to the specific frequencies they emit and at what power levels. (Specific absorption rate [SAR] regulations in the United States limit the amount of power cell phones can emit to roughly two watts, according to Bradley. The SAR is a measure of how much RF energy humans can safely be exposed to.)

This leads me to believe that CDMA phones, in theory, at least, are less harmful to humans.

Hmm, CDMA carriers should use this in the marketing!! :-)