Miley and Hannah: Alter Egos

cusl01q-mileyvideo.jpgAlter egos? Multiple Personalities? How else can you explain the faux pas of the week with Vanity Fair’s photo spread of Myley Syrus that has the internets up in arms, and parents wishing for the simpler times of Mr DressUp?

I’m curious to see the not-so-PG photos of Miley, but really only because Annie Liebovitz was the photogapher. If you are going to cause a stir, might as well do it with one of the most interesting photographers on the planet ;-)Still, we are still just recovering from the announcement of Jamie Spears *delicate* condition.  Disney must be rethinking their contract language for their teen stars. Can anyone say *morality clause*? So much for role models for pre-teens. :-)


Behind the Scenes with Miley Cyrus: Entertainment & Culture:

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