Blurring The Lines: Socal Media Lives and Corporate Lives

With the adoption of social media and social networking applications among wide and various enclaves of the population, the lines are becoming blurred between social conversations and work conversations. Just this morning, I send work related items of interest to friends in Facebook. The other day I twittered about needing contacts at Bell. I'm also trying to find folks who might be live blogging the Canadian Telecom Summit, since work projects are going to keep me from attending in real life, but I don't want to miss some of the panels.

With work peers and friends all in the same network, it gets easier to share and build relationships even stronger than simple *work* friendships. There is an inherent hesitation to open up your real life to your work life. It's a slow and continual process, encouraging more folks to *catch the social media bug*....But without that sort of cross pollination, neither facet can live up to their full potential. I'm going to go bug my director on facebook now ;-)