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Getting Charged for Spam?

At first I didn't mind the fact that incoming text messages were finally going to be a chargeable offense. It's a sign 'o the times. And then I got a text message. An automated, spammy text message. Not from anyone I knew. Had I been on a plan that was less friendly [read: not free], that spam would have cost me $0.15. With the phone, at least if you don't recognize the caller, you can simply not answer. With text messages, there's no such avoidance tactic. I've got a feeling that folks will be clamoring for a way to disable SMS messaging,and that's not the point of the new charges. But with no other control mechanism, how do you avoid getting charged for digital bits you don't want?So much for those free inbound sports scores ;-)
Bell Mobility and Telus Mobility will soon begin charging their customers for incoming text messages under new pricing plans slated for August.
CTV.ca | Bell, Telus to charge for incoming text messages
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