Underfoot.com Goes Live!!

I think it was one of those family bonding moments. Deciding to re-launch underfoot.com after a 5 year hiatus.

After numerous requests to sell the domain name, and a few overblown quotes from "website designers", we decided to move to Squarespace.
Now the whole family has a squarespace blog.

Underfoot.com supports Under Foot Flooring, a boutique floor covering company in South Western Ontario. It's outstanding.You should see it.
Of course I'm biased. My sister, my dad and I built it.

My sister Amy created A Change of Space to augment her creativity with home and design.

The Wiz has the Oak Ridges Men's Recreational Hockey League site. Sigh, I remember registering that domain a zillion years ago.

Squarespace - it's a family thing :-)

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