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Harper's HomeBuyer Tax Credit

It's funny, the things that show up in my inbox.
A thousand years ago we had joined the Conservative Party, and despite no longer having any affiliations or inklings to vote conservative ever again, I keep getting email from them ;-)
This one was funny.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced another step in the Conservative party’s economic plan to deliver practical help to hard-working families:  if re-elected, a new Conservative Government will give first-time homebuyers a tax credit for up to $5,000 of the closing costs on the purchase of a new home.

Up to $5000.

The tax credit will help first-time homebuyers to avoid stretching too far beyond their budget to meet these unexpected costs.

Now, I know a lot of people. I don't know many who have never owned a home at least once in their lives.
Of the folks who don't own a home, how many would vote, let alone vote Conservative?

A $5000 tax credit is not going to keep you from stretching beyond your budget. The closing fees on my most recent house were approx $7300. On my first house, they were likely in the $3600 range. Paying it upfront or adding it to your mortgage are essentially a wash.

If Harper wants to help out the first time home buyer, why not waive the Land Transfer tax? Why not allow home buyers to write their mortgage payments off against their income? Then EVERYONE would benefit. Why is it I can write off rent, but not mortgage payments? That might make me vote Conservative again.

Cripes. I should be an advisor to Harper.