York University Strike Insanity: Gong Show

CityNews.ca - Toronto’s News: Latest York Offer Criticized By Union

The three-year offer, made public Wednesday, outlines 0.7 per cent more in benefits such as child care and professional development and offers more job security than earlier deals. But the wage hike remains the same at 9.25 per cent.

(Jules pulls up soapbox)
I’m curious to know what world the York university teachers are living in. And that union… wow. Perhaps they want to take a page from the CAW history.
God given Guarantees on wages?
Job Security as if it was a First Amendment right?
I beg your pardon?

Raises should, for argument’s sake, be merit based, not a *given*.
Job security - same thing.
Do a good job, keep your job, get a raise.
When unions begin mandating these components, merit and performance goes out the window. So goes quality education with it.

Silly nutters.

If I was a York student, I’d be taking my tuition money and walking it over to a different university right about now. It’s January. It’s not too late to cancel out of this semester’s courses and get atleast some of your money back.
With 55,000 students, and an average semester costing $8K - that’s $440,000,000 that should just walk away. *That* would effectively end the strike.