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Coming Soon to a School Near You: More Striking Teachers

Just when you thought the education system in Ontario couldn't get any more wacked out (Read: York University's extended teacher strike), along comes a new threat to elementary school education: a very possible strike, led by a fellow who sounds like Buzz Hargrove's insane stepbrother.

How can unions leaders, and their members, approve of such a ridiculous campaign in the middle of such economic instability? Why not plan your strategy accordingly?
The Ontario Elementary Teachers Union rejected the sweetest deal of the century, in a year when the rest of the world is volunteering for pay cuts, reduced work weeks and job sharing, just to keep their pay cheque.
I think it's Backwards Day, and no one sent me the memo.

They turned down a 10.4% increase over 4 years.
HELLO!?!?!?  I have no idea when I am going to get a raise again. And I don't mind. I've got a job. I'm thrilled I've got a job.
The offer also includes more prep time and more headcount to decrease class size.
The complaint: elementary teachers are paid a little less than high school teachers.
Do you think that could have ANYTHING to do with the complexity of the high school curriculum?
Nahhhh... that would be too rational.
How about the difference in credentials and training between the two camps?
Still, that's a little too reasonable an explanation.

Yes - there is a difference in the value of the work that elementary teachers do versus the work of other high school teachers.

Full stop.

ParentCentral.ca - Education - Combative teachers union leader draws fire
But Clegg came out swinging after Wynne put a new four-year deal on the table Tuesday, with a 10.4 per cent wage increase over four years – but less than the rest of the province's teachers are getting – as well as more preparation time and 575 new teaching positions to help make classes smaller.