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Camaro Enthusiasts Strike Back

Little did I know the religious fervor that I would be unwittingly un-leashing with my wee observation that the launch of the 2010 Camaro is about 10 years too late. Even automotive analysts are suggesting that this car should have come out in 2005 if it was going to be competitive. Plus, what's happened to the Camaro Z28? What shelf did GM put it up on?

To all the Camaro zealots enthusiasts, i am thrilled that you are going to purchase Camaros. Really. Truly. Thrilled. Your loyalty is certainly going to save GM and Chrysler. I bet all the workers are going to send you a little bit of their government paid-for pension as a great big thank-you.

I've got to admit, I've never had such blatent, idiotic, threating feedback creative commentary before. I just don't know where to start...

Of the 21 comments from the nameless, faceless internet, 12 were from unique IP addresses. Albeit, I think 2 of you admitted to previous posts. And atleast one has a *real* email address.
And Banshee - how's the weather in Southgate, MI?

I am NOT a guy. Sheesh. If you're gonna write something nasty, at least know your audience. I don't have a small sausage, but a new Camaro certainly isn't going to make yours bigger ;-)

This wasn't an article about the environment, aside from my hybrid coment, which was to illustate the fact that without some sort of redeeming feature, the odds are slim that there is a large enough fan base to support a 2010 Camaro on its own in this day and age. I'm betting that most of the addressable market already bought the Charger or the Challenger because they were tired of waiting around.

Did you know that there might not really be 20,000 pre-orders? More like 12,000. Most of the *pre-orders* are duplications, with folks pre-ordering multiple times with multiple dealers. Check the various forums, guys are recommending that tactic to each other. S-M-R-T.

Sure, you guys fall over yourselves with my wee Camaro opinion - but where the heck are you when I complain about GM wanting the government to subsidize the pension plans? All you guys in Pensacola, Fort Worth, Orange County, Tampa Bay, Beaumont Tx, Norman Ok, St Louis, and Moss Point can't ALL be GM employees.

I suppose when all is said and done, some folks will buy the 2010 Camaro. After all, a few folks bought the Chevy SSR too.
Life will go on.

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