Curious Facebook Stats - Canada

  1. I was thinking this morning that at any given time, there is only between 3% and 5% of my Facebook friends on-line.
  2. In Canada,  there are more female facebook (871,369) users in my demographic (35 - 44) than males (611,253).
  3. In Canada, in all age groups, there are 6,005,178 females.
  4. In Canada, in all age groups, there are 4,551,025 males. That's 25% more girls than boys. That's sort of curious. Te: hat precentage holds weight across all demographics.... always more girls than boys. I asked the Wiz about that rend this morning. His response: well of course. Girls share. Boys don't.
The stats get a little gray when you try to dig deeper, since most folks have some sort of application privacy enabled.... but of the friends in my list who share a bit of personal details:
  • 121 of them are female
  • 165 of them are male
  • 179 are married
  • 79 are aged 36 to 49
  • 239 are from Canada
  • 226 have no geographic info listed
I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Happy Friday!!

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