Smells Like Spring

It’s one of those gorgeous spring mornings. The over-night rains have left leaves dripping gently. Somewhere near me, poplar trees are drying in the morning haze and leaving behind the most amazing smell.

I’ve already made a patrol of the back yard to check on the *crops*. Everything that was transplanted last weekend (shasta daisys and black eyed sysans) are all happy in their new homes. Tonight I’ll move the purple coneflower. It will just be a matter of time before the Jack and the Beanstalks peek through the soil.

I love spring.

In the front yard, the brave lillies are starting to green up, and this year, I think I’ve found a solution to the red, Asiatic beetles that eat them. Method all purpose cleaner seems to do the trick. It’s organic, not evil chemical - and it seems to knock those bugs on their butts. Maybe this year my lillies will survive!

Ahh. It’s a good day! :-)

To top it off - I get to meet an AT&T fellow I’ve worked with for the past 2 years. He’s in the UK, and I’m here. And now he’s here! :-)