Skilled Workers --- Hard to Find

As low-skilled, unfulfilling jobs move off shore, the Canadian population is going to realize that it's worth it to spend a few years in college or university to learn the required skills to get a satisfying job. Off-shoring is going to continue, and you are going to see more and more low-skilled jobs going to areas of the world where these jobs are still considered challenging and desirable.

In the Globe and Mail, skilled jobs are going to be in very high demand. Very High Demand.
Is your job going off shore?
Are you sure?

If you're working in a role that can easily be done by someone with little to no training, chances are someone else, somewhere else can do the job for much less than you. If you want to ensure a continued demand for your labour, you need to make sure your labour is worth the asking price... It's that simple. Even workers need to stay competitive, valuable and desirable. If there's a glut of labour on the market, then it's an employers dream. Supply and demand. Just make sure you are in high demand, because the days of skating by with little education are over.
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