I Cancelled Halloween...

In 2009 I turned out all the lights and watched scary movies and ignored the hordes of children racing through the neighbourhood.

Last night, I decided to do the same. No Halloween at my house. I moved the artful pumpkins to a secure location, and darkend my doorstep once more. 

It was a little slice of heaven. 

It’s not that I hate Halloween; I find that, at least in my neighbourhood, people aren’t good at it. 

Childhood obesity, greed, gluttony and overpriced store-bought costumes.

Watching kids race from house to house, with a parent behind them carry their *spoils* has turned me off the holiday. I think this is one of those occasions where it’s safe to say “it was better when I was a kid”…. Now Halloween has been twisted into a gross, malevolent version of itself. Sort of like Christmas….