I'm Not Writing about It...


Main Entry:
sensationalism [sen-sey-shuh-nl-iz-uh m]  Show IPA
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: exaggeration
Synonyms: aggrandizement, boasting, excessfabrication,fish story, hypehyperboleoveremphasis,puffery, tabloid journalism, tall story, whopper,yellow journalism


I’m not convinced that what the media has been doing in the past three days has been sensationalism. Nothing has been exaggerated. Over reported? Maybe. Repetitive? For sure. Invasion of privacy for the victims and families? Absolutely. But we’re reading about. Searching for more information, looking for answers.

Unfortunately - we’re likely not going to find anything of merit. It’s time to turn off the story.

While news media seems to be focused on only one incident, did you realize:



I have to admit, it took some doing to come up with five articles that are completely unrelated to the tragedy of December 14th. 

But if all of us look beyond the front page —- the world is still turning, and people are still doing strange and wonderful things.