Feathering My Nest.....

It's been almost six weeks since we installed the Nest Thermostat.

Since then, she has learned our habits, measured our efficiency and created a schedule. Of course she's a she, and her name is Alice.

She tells us how long the furnace has to run to reach the requested temperature. She reports back on daily furnace usage. She even tells us the humidity. If we're good, she will display a leaf, meaning that we're being energy efficient. Unfortunately, in the past few "very cold" weeks, we haven't seen many leaves. Thanks to chats with other Nest owners, it looks like we should be sprucing up our insulation. An insulation upgrade was in our future, and now we have more evidence that it's needed.

The nifty parts:

  • online apps
  • changing the temp (or turning it down) if we're not home, or on our way home
  • changing schedules on the fly
  • easy to install

In the next few weeks, we'll be getting our first post-Nest natural gas bill. Here's hoping that we see a tiny bit of savings, if only to reassure us that the Nest is more than just a nifty gadget :-D