I suck at Google+

It's sad to admit, but true. I was asked for my Google+ profile URL, and I had to google what it was and how to find it. Let me tell you, it's a damn ugly string of shite.

And then I started looking through all the updates in my Google + profile. Huh, seems like almost all my friends tend to suck at it as well. Most of the updates are cross posts from Facebook. I guess that's a good sign, I'm in good suckiness company. In a quick scroll through, I've only got 5 friends who are posting anything, and three of them are cross posting.

I used to LOVE Picasa Web Albums, but when they integrated with Google+, I gravitated towards just putting pictures into FB. Now I see that there are all my old Picasa Web Albums in Google+. I've got to think about that more - sigh. I've got digital dandruff all over the place, but that's another blog article entirely.

Is Google+ ever going to take off? It's unlikely. I use Google for virtually everything:

  • tracking stock
  • search
  • math
  • mail
  • Google Drive

But I don't use it for social media. I even use LinkedIn more than Google+.

Am I lame? (don't answer that)

I just don't have a compelling reason to use it. If you're a Google+ user, what's *your* compelling reason?