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Watching Your Digital Footprints.....

Originally posted dec 2008, but still very relavent and timely. Updated in 2013 for relevancy. 

This is a situation I seem to come back to again and again —- paying attention to what you put on-line for the internets to find.

Twentysomethings, and younger, high school age webbies are just starting to realize the long, so-very-long ramifications of throwing their whole life out there for the internet to see.  I am continuously baffled by folks who think it’s ok to publish drunken party pictures, or other juvenile hi-jinks.

There are so many apps that capture your personal life, you can't limit your exposure to just Facebook any longer. Your Tumblr, your Instagram, your Tweets and your Pinterest are all fodder for the masses.

Um, hello? When I am part of an interview panel, the first thing I do is google people.  I check to find them on facebook and I shake my head at the *limo booze cruize photos* they’ve posted. Every friend is a possible job opportunity.

You want to get into grad school? Know that someone is going to check into your internet life first.  Same wth a job interview, same with even getting a first date.

Yes - be on the internet.

Yes - have a digital personality.

Make it be a positive reflection, though.  No one needs to lose opportunities because of something ridiculous they posted to Facebook.

:-(  Sigh. Where everybody knows your teenaged musings

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