The Bigger You Get, The More People Who Want to Knock You Down

A.K.A. The Facebook Saga Continues….

Funny, how it’s never far out of the news, and just when you think that things are starting to level off and quiet down with Facebook, something snappy pops out of the ethernet to bring it right back to the top of the headlines….

This week, it’s the lawsuit against Facebook developer Mark Zuckerberg.

It’s also the decision by Telstra (Australia’s Number one telco) to ban employee Facebook usage. Wow - the negative backlash to this is interesting, considering Telstra is trying to portray an image of being an *online* enabler.

What’s it going to be next week? Facebook goes Head to Head with Google?

Facebook saves cat in tree?

Facebook reunites WWII lovers?

Facebook brings researchers the cure for cancer?