finding the zing...

today i came across a posting from dirty olive, and by geeze, she did hit the blog nail right on the head… about finding that zing that just resonates with you, when someone "gets you"….  and there is no easier way to get that zing, than via the blogosphere… you would have to circulate ALOT to come across folks like that, and really, who has that much time any more? or interest ;-) to wade through the crud that is humanity.

You know i’m not being cynical.

You know i’m being realistic, and secretly you agree. You are thrilled when someone gets you. I know I am. I was so thrilled, that i realized i couldn’t live without the wizard. But there was a quiet, empty time when i was worried that i wasn’t going to find that.  And now, when that zing reappears online, i grin. Analog or digital, the zing is a thrilling reminder that we are all human, and we all need the zing.

Wiz, thank you for your zings. You get it. You get me.