the future...

the sexy new word: web 2.0

there’s little consensus on what it really means…. but it seems to mean alot to many interesting and influetential people…  it’s a big, messy, over encompassing word to capture the changes that have been happening with the internet.  Now, whether it’s all about collaboration, or blogging, or opensource on steroids, or if it’s simply a feeling of "being part of the big picture"… it’s hard to tell. Of course, the theories are multiplying like proverbial bunnies, and they are all tinted the same warm and fuzzy shade….

But no one can quite put their finger on the colour; is it mauve, is it pale purple, is it purpley pink?  I think you get my meaning. Check out the wikipedia link above (which is yet another example of web 2.0) and see if you don’t agree… it’s here, it’s an exciting concept to have after all the fuzzles of the past few years… people need something to jump to.  People are tired of the fuzzle.

Me, i’m admitting i am excited about web 2.0, even if i don’t really know what it is yet ;-)