Extreme Tickle Me Elmo

For Sassy:

It’s the extremest that Elmo has ever been. TMX Elmo………Tickle Me Extreme Elmo!!!!  [Ah ha ha, that tickles!!!]

From the first time I saw him, 3 weeks ago, as he was making the talk show rounds, I knew you had to have him ;-) Yup, he was on the Today show, and on Canada AM!! - the only shows that were in english in Rimouski at 6 am in the morning).  Morning hosts across the country were giggling away with Elmo.  Take that how you want. :-)

He’s new, improved, yet still giggles, and managed to make giggling contagious. And this time he can stand up, and fall over and stand up again! [Could it be Elmo 2.0?]

For all you folks who are on the verge of kids (yes jorge, you too), this could be the one concession you make to consumerism…. you can even just keep him for yourself! :-)  Sharing is not mandatory.


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