Google - First YouTube - next PayPerPost?

It’s curious - that after a few weeks of insane YouTube buzz, all of a sudden there’s a purchase announcement. Now, with the rowdiness of PayPerPost, and the loud ramblings of the blogosphere, could it be next on the Google Train?

Google seems to be good at capturing momentum, and magnifying it. Could Google also be thinking that payPerPost would be an added attraction to it’s advertising arm? Folks are indeed comparing Adsense to PayperPost, why not work out a deal, and improve each model? When it comes down to it, it’s all about ads on blogs, isn’t it? ;-)

I’ve got you thinking now, don’t I?

As an aside…. despite all the negative hooplah, Dave Winer as an interesting tidbit about the upside of PayPerPost - maybe this new merger idea idea isn’t as off beat as one might think…

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