60 Days in - Can Home Improvements Begin?

It’s been 60 days exactly since we moved into the new abode. Everything is unpacked, hung, put away, positioned and plugged in. Now, as I look around the main floor, I realize there are things that could be different, things that could be tweaked, challenges to be solved.


There’s too much carpet on the main floor, where tile would fit, or hardwood. The challenge is in dealing with hardwood and a dog all at the same time. Home Improvement ideas has some amazing options, especially the hardwoodfloor challenge, you can actually get inlaid pawprints into the hardwood. :-) If only the smapp dog would participate.

We’ve also had to have a battle over paining “murals” on chickadees bedroom walls, and managed to talk the wee ones into decals that can peel on and off. But the home improvement ideas blog also had that covered with peel and stick graphics. Sheesh.

Little did i know, the wiz has already been al over this site, scouring for good ideas. He even ordered the graphics!

Now, my turn to look and see what easy changes can be made. Wish us luck.

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