Buy You a Beer? PayPal or Dexit 2.0?

I was sitting outside tonight, adminring the evening sky, and thankful that it’s not too cold out yet for such an experience.

And I realized I wouldn’t be able to attend a friend’s birthday gathering this week, as new commitents arise. I was wishing there was a way to still get him a cold beer in his hand from me. Wishing that I could do a “transfer” through some neat web 2.0 application, that would allow a waitress to deliver a cold beverage from me. Imagine if everyone had a paypal-like account. All restaurants, all bars, all merchants. You could “transfer” credits to people, just with a click of a mouse. Be it a beer, or a steak, or a sweatshirt.

Imagine…either a debit car, or even better, a Dexit-like key fob, a 3rd party in the middle to keep track of the database of merchants and customers, and to manage the front and back end functions. It would be easier to place these wee point of sale devices in every location, as opposed to trying to manage the direct relationships with the merchants themselves. I’m thinking Dexit, but it could be anything similar. I’m also thinking kiosks, or mobile applications, where you could transfer credits to people at any time.  You want to buy someone a coffee, or lunch or a beer. 

The Wiz thinks that Hallmark should front it, and include the ability to send money with e-birthday cards. It’s a prettier idea than an electronic bank transfer.

Hmmm - could we get onto the Dragon’s Den with an idea like this? ou can bet one thing, we would actually have a business case, unlike some of the silly contestants.

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